Work Top Jig

Invest in a worktop jig to make bespoke adjustments much more straightforward. A jig holds the material in place and provides templates for cutting, drilling, measuring and other tasks. With power tools like routers, worktop jigs can accurately cut and shape kitchen worktops, doors and other surfaces.

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Jigs come in different sizes and applications. A jig can decrease errors made during drilling and sawing, minimise waste, and improve precision. Hinge jigs guarantee precision cutting of door frames. Router jigs keep the material steady and straight. Sink recesses can be routed using worktop jigs.

At Tool station, you’ll discover a high-quality variety of worktop jigs, router jigs, and non-slip router mats. We have practical accessories like jig pegs and hinge sinking drill bits in addition to our selection of jigs.


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