JigSaw Electric

An electric motor and a reciprocating saw blade comprise a jigsaw power tool. Jigsaws with bevelled sole plates can cut angles of up to 45 degrees relative to the regular vertical stroke to form mitre joints. Jigsaws were once commonly used to describe what is now known as scroll saws.

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  • The 650W 800W Jig Saw is designed for cutting wood, plastic tube, and aluminium bar.
  •  It has six speeds, four pendulum settings, a 45° angle, and a laser and light function.
  • With a good blade, there are no burrs.
  • Electric Jig Saw Jigsaw is a woodworking power tool ideal for cutting curves, excavating holes, and cutting 3cm circles.
  • Jigsaw on Wheels With changeable speed (0-3000rpm) for material cutting. 
  • Laser and light functions are built in for improved cutting line capabilities.
  • Jigsaw with 20mm stroke and T-shank blade.
  • The 800W Jigsaw can cut a capacity: of 80mm wood and 10mm steel.


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