Trench Wacker

Wacker Neuson rammers have set the industry standard. The WM 80, the only 2-stroke engine expressly developed and built for vibratory rammers, powers these rammers and passes EPA and European air pollution regulations. Wacker Neuson’s tough rammers are engineered for maximum output, performance, and durability.

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An innovative three-stage air filtering technology ensures that the engine is dust-free, resulting in greater longevity and reliability. A complete carburettor balances the fuel/air mixture for increased performance and longer air filter life. A filter minder notifies the operator when it is time to change the air filter. The auto-release choke provides industry-leading safety and starting convenience. The shock mount system designed for the guided handle reduces HAV (hand-arm vibration) and improves operator comfort. The thick, durable rope that extends life in harsh environments is the starting point for cast aluminium recoil.


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