Rubbish Chutes

Rubbish Chute Top Hoppers are one of the components that make up a Rubbish Chute assemblage. Rubbish Chutes are generally discovered on constructing and construction websites for secure and easy disposal of waste into skips or containers at peak.

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Our Top Open Hoppers have been manufactured using High-Quality MDPE and HDPE as a one-piece moulding with a channelled top rim to ensure each chute stays in the form underneath the load. All additives are fairly proof against abrasion and live rigid and robust on impact during harsh climate conditions.

Standard Fixing Frames are commonly used with scaffolding and Window Fixing Frames to attach home windows to a building. Fixing Frames are also available to order, and we endorse using a Fixing Frame in keeping with every ten sections of your device. These frames will competently secure Chute Sections in location to prevent your machine from collapsing at the top, posing a health and protection hazard.

Each Hopper has been nearly designed, which means they’re stackable for garage and delivery whilst used for future tasks. They also come furnished with brackets, chains, and twine rope fixings ready for a clean meeting. Extra wires and chains may be bought as additional components.



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