Tile Cutter Diamond Electric

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-Effective Saw Can Make Ideal Mitre Cuts

-Permits Quick Precise Cutting Of Ceramic Tiles 

-Suited To Use Dry Or Wet Cutting Blades 

-Permits A Quick Set-Up And Exact Cutting 

-Fast And Accurate Locking Cutting Guide 

-Excellent Cutting From 0 To 45 Degrees

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The fixed extension table with this electric tile cutter keeps your ceramic tiles in place as you feed them through the blade. It is pre-equipped to cut most ceramics because it comes with a general-purpose diamond blade. You can cut in a straight line and get a clean finish by using a mitre guide and a parallel guide.

This multi-purpose cutter is also compatible with appropriate replacement general-purpose and porcelain blades. You can quickly move this product to the job site because of its lightweight design. Thanks to a helpful cable storage box, you can conveniently pack it away when not in use.


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