Edging Sander

The Floor Edging Sander will sand a high-quality, rating-free finish on hard and gentle wooden floors, including parquet and any strong wood floor that requires quick sanding and levelling, and can also be used on a wide range of different surfaces, including decking, fibre board, cork, composition, and engineered floors.

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The Floor Edging Sander can go closer to the skirting boards than the ground sander can.

Because the Floor Edging Sander employs a disc that sands across the grain, you may wish to use a finer grit paper than you did with the Floor Sander.

Sanding a floor typically generates a lot of dust (even if the Floor Edging Sander includes dust bags), so use goggles and a face mask to avoid breathing in the dust, air the space by installing windows, and seal around the entrance (to save you the dirt from moving into the rest of the residence).


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