Sandglider 3 in 1 sander

The SandGlider is an “all-in-one” tool that may be used to the sand, edge, finish, and polish various surfaces.

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The SandGlider provides an alternative to traditional drum sanding systems. The device has four independent, random orbital, oscillating heads, allowing it to function close to the edges and in tiny spaces.

  • Four random orbital pads with Velcro backing are attached to the oscillating heads, making it easy and painless to switch out the abrasive discs.
  • Overall, time and effort are saved in finishing the task because changing the CDs takes a few seconds. Because of its advantages, this random orbital sander is less expensive than traditional belt sanders, offering users more confidence and control while preparing surfaces.
  • The SandGlider is equipped with an inner fan system for dirt manipulation, which causes most of the cloth to be extracted into an exterior micro-fiber disposable dirt bag.


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