13″ Scaffold Board

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Scaffolding Boards are made from outstanding European Whitewood wood and meet the BS 2482:2009 preferred. They provide an excessive level of energy and sturdiness. They can be used for Scaffolding systems in more than one instance. These outstanding boards are designed for use within your scaffolding device to offer a sturdy, durable and supportive walkway

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 Scaffolding Boards should be securely laid onto transoms within the Scaffolding structure for safety, where they will provide a strong supportive walkway or platform to allow staff to access the building they are working on.

When erecting scaffolding, you should be sure to set it up on as even ground as possible to prevent materials from sliding should the structure be at an angle. A basic scaffolding set-up would involve these boards, the scaffolding tubes and couplers, which are all available on our site.

These hard-wearing timber scaffolding boards also have a galvanised metal end band to extend the board’s usage as it would prevent splitting.



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