Combi Ladder

A Combination Ladder is portable and can be used as a Stepladder, a Single or Extension Ladder, a Trestle Ladder, or a Stairwell Ladder. Its components may be used as Single Ladders. This type of ladder can be designed with either steps or rungs, and a pail shelf is optional

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An instruction label appears on each Combination Ladder to illustrate the locking mechanism, provide instructions for the locking mechanism or both. The user must become familiar with the proper operation of the locking mechanism and ensure all the joints are locked before using the ladder. Never attempt unlocking or repositioning any joints while standing on the ladder.

The length of a Combination Ladder, whilst used within the Stepladder configuration, stages from four ft to most of 10 toes, as measured alongside the front side rail from the lowest of the foot to the pinnacle of the top cap or the height of the top step whilst no pinnacle cap is used. The maximum Extension Ladder length is marked on the identification label.

All four feet of a Combination Ladder are covered with a slip-resistant material which must be present and in good condition before the ladder is used. The ladder is not to be used on ice, snow or slippery surfaces unless suitable means to prevent slipping are employed.


The ladder must never place upon other objects such as boxes, barrels, scaffolds, or unstable bases to obtain additional height. Combination Ladders must not be tied or fastened together with any other ladder type to provide a longer length.


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