Tree Pruner

Our long-handle tree trimmers’ saw blades comprise 0.04″/1 mm thick alloy steel for simple cutting and trimming tasks.

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  • You may begin your tree-pruning project without climbing a tree. Install the pole, then quickly cut trees up to 26 feet (8 metres) tall. Branches that are difficult to reach are no match for our pole trimmer.
  • Your pruner will be the ideal assistant whether you’re working in your backyard or elsewhere. Because of the portable backpack, you may take the extended tree pruner wherever you go. Additionally, towering tree trimming is made simply from lightweight epoxy resin.
  • Cutting branches require only 25% of the work with the compound pulley system. Our tree pruner has a saw blade and a scissor mechanism for simple cuts. Prepare yourself for a hassle-free trimming experience.
  • You can trim high branches effectively without falling off a ladder with the aid of the tree trimmer pole. This pruner will be ideal for trimming palm, maple, oak, shrubs, and other trees. It is perfect for cutting trees in groves, gardens, lawns, etc.


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