Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench has a 1/2″ square drive, a torque range of 60-300Nm (45-220 lbs. ft), and a dual scale design that shows Nm and life.ft values. The industrial quality ‘push through’ ratchet enables clockwise and anticlockwise torque control. It takes eight spins to traverse the broad scale. It also comes with a Declaration of Conformity.

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This universal, easy-to-use torque wrench is perfect for many everyday tasks and is required for precision work. The click-type mechanism and micro-metre adjustment let the user apply the appropriate tension as needed, making it simple and accurate to use. The torque value range is 5-25Nm and is given with a +/-4% accuracy spread. Each torque wrench has a durable and robust blow moulded container for storage.


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