Steam Cleaner Electric

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This steam boiler starts up in under 60 seconds. It is a form of continuous duty. 20L/hour of water consumption. It can produce wet and dry steam between 20 and 130 degrees Celsius.

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With Steam Cleaner Electric, you can easily switch to the ideal steam setting for the floor or surface you are cleaning. The filling is made simple by the removable water tank. The handle is folding, so it’s simple to store when you’re finished. 99% of bacteria and germs, including Listeria, Salmonella, E. Coli, and influenza, are killed in a lab setting. The sanitiser with an endless supply. Use only tap water to keep your family safe inside the house. Clean for up to 20 minutes longer than ever, thanks to the high-capacity, LED-lighted, replaceable water tank with a water filter. Less than 5 lbs. in weight; lightweight. It contains a large swivel cleaning head that can clean greater surface area faster. The Garment Steamer attachment eliminates the need for ironing by making creases disappear, leaving your clothing fresh and prepared.


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