Site Units

Site unit characteristics include:

  • Chemical toilet for anti-vandalism building (including weekly service)
  • The layout can be either an office or a canteen.
  • Sink and water heater in the base unit (canteen layout only)
  • Up to 8 people can be seated.
  • A mains water supply is required.

Rent for £1,000.00

Rent From £1000

Rentals cannot start/end on Sunday (highlighted).
Total: £ ( days)
Rental return within days


The unit has an interior base unit with a sink, a water heater, and a segregated chemical toilet that we will empty weekly (for local hires).

The site unit also has an external connection and a locking point, making it suitable for additional security on the job site. If necessary, a barrier and door may be constructed to create a separate office or drying room.



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