Sanisnake Kit

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Proven hand tool for quick application to clear pipe obstructions in the bathroom and kitchen.

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Even in tight turns and traps, the operation is simple. Direct cable insertion through strainers in sinks and drains is simple. Cable locking with a quick-action chuck. Cables for drain cleaning high-quality spring steel cables. Particularly toughened. Highly flexible to feed forward with ease in tight curves. The line ends with flexible bulbous heads—cord drum spring steel in hot-galvanized. The high degree of flexibility for easy feed-forward in small pipe bends—bulbous head on the cable end. Environmental pollution is avoided by using corrosion-resistant cable drums made of shock-proof, glass-fibre-reinforced plastic. Self-drying of the cable is made possible by the inner ventilation of the cable drum. Drive-By hand with an easy-to-use crank handle, an appropriate electric drill, or an appropriate electric screwdriver. The electric drive’s hexagon adapter is inside the drum cover.


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