Measuring Wheel

It is suitable for precise measurement of roads, pavements, or land.

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Precision-designed Distance Measuring Wheel. The one-person operation that automatically records measures as you walk. Suitable for builders, farmers, road contractors, and so forth. The 300mm measuring wheel is durable, lightweight, and small, and it is simple to use. Push the reset button on the counter metre. When the measurer is travelling forward, the counter adds. When travelling backwards, it subtracts—allowing the operator to fix the measurement if he goes over his mark. The mechanical counting head has a fine digit readout. It includes a nightlight and a sturdy canvas bag.

Precision Engineered to the highest standards.

Measurements are automatically recorded using a one-person operation.

Durable In reverse mechanical counting, a lightweight and compact measurer moves forward and subtracts. Head with Digit Read Out Includes Light and Canvas Bag



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