Fan Heater Electric

Warm up or cool off with this Challenge flat fan heater. Pick from 3 warmth settings so you can stay snug from the bloodless. Or use the excellent air blow function to help out when your room gets stuffy. There’s also frost safety and a safety reduction out switch that stops overheating for added peace of thought. And with a 1.7-metre wire, it’s easy to transport around a room to suit you.

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In addition to being placed horizontally on its facet, this heater may also be used upright. The compact, simple, and lightweight design is suitable for home or business usage, and the necessary delivery handle makes it simple to move.

When in use, the red power light illuminates to show that the heating detail is active. This portable electric fan heater is ideal for heating smaller spaces such as offices, rooms, garages, and workshops.

Due to its handles and two positions—upright and flat—the portable fan heater is fantastic for moving around. As long as they are sufficiently insulated and only occasionally used, most rooms may be heated by a portable electric heater.


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