Crow Bars

Drop forged alloy steel that has been hardened and tempered: oval shank and extra-wide chisel blades. The bar-to-claw angle allows for use near flat surfaces.

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A crowbar is a metal bar tool with flattened ends with a small crack on either end used to remove nails or separate two materials or products. One end of the bar is bent into a hook shape, which is a first-rate lever and is usually the end that is used the most. The other end is flatter and straighter. (It is commonly assumed that the instrument’s name comes from the hooked end, which resembles a crow’s beak.

Crowbars are often composed of medium carbon steel for long-term strength and durability. However, they can alternatively be made of titanium for a lighter tool. They are forged from long steel items such as rods and rails and often have cylindrical or hexagonal bodies.


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