Billy Goat lawn vac

The KV650SPH’s 68cm working width and enormous 151-litre hard-bottomed collecting bag, powered by a fuel-efficient 187cc Honda petrol engine, make even the heaviest home duties eminently doable, readily cleaning lawns and hard surfaces.

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One of the primary benefits of the Billy Goat KV650SPH is that it is relatively easy to handle, particularly when compared to a natural goat. This is primarily owed to the KV650SPH’s convenient self-propulsion technology, which offers a consistent forward pace and eliminates the effort of navigating rugged or uneven terrain. This good ease of use, combined with the KV650SPH’s large, rubber-coated wheels, ensures exceptional manoeuvrability at all times. At the same time, a clever height adjustment system (controlled by a single easy-to-use knob) makes this magnificent machine equally effective on concrete and other hard surfaces as it is on turf.

The lawn vacuum KV650SPH’s efficiency is also impressive, with a 68cm operating breadth and an optimised nozzle arrangement that makes even heavy tasks feasible. Meanwhile, the robust, five-blade impeller of the KV650SPH cuts vacuumed debris while also increasing suction performance. Furthermore, with a 151-litre hard-bottomed collection bag included as standard, the KV650SPH is exceptional in collecting capabilities, especially when confronted with difficult clearance work. This collector’s size means fewer journeys to the compost heap, and the presence of two easy-opening marine-style clasps makes retrieving gathered material a breeze. The collecting bag also has an integrated dust skirt that guides dust away from the operator for enhanced convenience.


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