3 Ton Swivel Dumper

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Mainly used for loading materials or waste into skips and small lorries, especially if the pass can’t be positioned near the work website online.

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  • I am operating payloads from 850 to 1200 kg.
  • 1.5m discharge top – can tip into the fashionable pass.
  •  Narrow design permits machines to skip thru a widespread 1m doorway (HD850 and HD1000 are best when fitted with non-compulsory slim tyres).
  • “Rental Tough” designs and fabrications keep you running in challenging situations.
  •  Exceptional carriers get the right of entry and ease of upkeep built into each gadget.
  •  High ground clearance to address difficult floor situations.
  •  Low centre of gravity for extraordinary balance.
  •  Hydrostatic transmissions for extra hill-hiking energy



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