2″ Submersible Pump Electric

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Inflates and deflates a wide range of inflatables, including air mattresses, wading pools, beach toys, and other items.

– Quickly Inflate & Deflate at High Speed

– A high-speed motor allows for faster inflation and extended operation. For usage safety, ABS environmental protection materials.

– Portable power plug for the home and automobile.

– Quick inflation and deflation for swim rings, air mattresses, rafts, beds, boats, sofas, and pool toys, among other items.


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An electric air pump is an ideal camping device for inflated or deflated toys, balls, air mattresses, boats, and other items. The pump is compact and lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion for camping trips, music festivals, and vacations.

Three nozzle attachments are included with the pump to meet all standard valve fittings.


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